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The Red Room Collective


Break Barriers. Share Truths. Create community.


The creative individuals who make up the Red Room Collective (RRC) share a common dream - that one day all our stories will be heard and valued. Sharing our stories - the unique and distinct realities that define us as entrepreneurs, educators, artists, poets, and activists - can break the barriers that separate us and harm our world. To achieve our shared dream, the RRC curates unique spaces, events, and marketplaces where gifts are celebrated, communities are broadened, and untold stories are shared. In so cultivating the RRC network, we break barriers, share truths, and create community. 

Does the dream speak to you? Stay dreaming and make magic with the Red Room Collective. 

IG: @redroom.collective 


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Creative Spaces

May Creative Saturday - Saturday, May 21st. 8-11pm at the Congress Heights Arts and Cultural Center. 

Poets + Freestylers - 7:30-9pm every 4th Monday of the month at the RRC Studio.

Mentors for the Creative School - Contact Mr.P for more details.

The Creative School - Next event in April! Message Mr.P for more details.

Wellness and Mindfulness community - This is just getting started! Contact Flow if you're interested. 

Music lovers circle - Meeting once a month, and discussing all things music. Contact SPNDRFT for more info. 

Writers circle Be a part of this circle as it gets up and running. First meeting is Saturday April 7th at 11am at the Potter's House. Message querida and Backtrack for more info.

WRK PRTYJoin us every Sunday evening from 3-8 for a work party. We pack community and productivity all into one collective space. Ask SPNDRFT for more info.