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What’s it take to build a community of dreamers?

“Stay dreamin’! Make magic!” is how the night begins. A circle of visionaries huddle and shout, excited to build a community of creative dreamers on a Saturday night.

But what does that mean? What does it take to build, not just an event, but a community of creative people? It takes a lot of talent up on that stage, and in front of that previously blank canvas, for sure. But it also takes the hum and buzz of busy dreamers working behind the scenes. It starts hours before the night begins, with a call and response and a burst of excited energy. It requires quick minds troubleshooting, creative connectors facilitating new partnerships, flurries of texts and Slack messages, and incredible gifts being shared throughout the room. Then it ends much like it begins: with energy, with peace and love, and with half-formed dreams that still need a few more blocks to build them up.

“This is not an event. It’s a creative’s a what?!”

“A creative space.”

“A what?”

“A creative space!”

The Creative Saturday space that the Red Room Collective creates is not just an event. It’s a place  for creatives, for entrepreneurs, for the curious, for truth seekers, for dreamers of all kinds to gather. It’s a place for all sorts of souls to tell a story, to hear a story, to realize how each story connects. It’s a community gathering where people share dreams, share food, share hugs, and share truths. The Creative Saturday space is a warm place for strangers to meet and realize how they can create the next dream together.

Creative Saturdays are the jumping off point. The Red Room Collective creates that space, and invites you to join us. But the next steps are up to you. And that’s what it takes to build a community of dreamers. It takes us. It takes me. It takes you.

It takes you.

It takes who?

It takes you!

How will you dream with the Red Room Collective...what will you create next?


Creative Saturdays happen once every other month. They’re a place to meet poets, writers, painters, musicians, and dreamers. They’re places to build dreams and create art, or to just enjoy the warmth of community and the great music. Create with the Red Room Collective. Buy tickets for our the next Creative Saturday on March 10th. Sign up here to get our newsletter. Email if you want to contribute to or follow the blog!