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Community Spaces

At the RRC, we're about a couple things. We're about sharing stories. We're about fostering creativity. We're about exchanging gifts, insights, and ideas. And we're about creating spaces where all these things can happen. 

We define space broadly. Our creative, collective spaces take on many forms: The Collective Marketplace, Creative Saturday, the Poets + Freestylers circle, and the Untold Stories blog are all examples of the spaces that StayDRMN and the Red Room Collective have created to enable a lifestyle of cultivating untold stories. Each of these spaces serves as a place where creatives are known, gifts are celebrated, communities are broadened, and untold stories are shared. 

Another of our spaces is our monthly newsletter. Circulated on the fourth Thursday of the month, our newsletter keeps the RRC network connected. It includes a community call to creative action, information on what other spaces are being cultivated by us throughout the month, the most recent offers and requests from our Collective Marketplace, and features on different members of the Collective. It's a burst of creativity, a direct line to the Collective straight to your inbox every month. It's another way of sharing our stories and enabling creative spaces in unconventional ways. Sign up now to get February's edition delivered to your mailbox tomorrow! 

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Interested in getting more involved with the Red Room Collective? Email to express interest, and tell us how you want to dream with us.

Want to see your gifts featured in the this creative space? Email to find out how to get promoted on our blog!

Get your ticket now for our next Creative Saturday on March 10th.