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What's your untold story?

The Red Room Collective is a community of creatives that share a common dream. We are a network of artist, entrepreneurs, educators and dreamers who believe that one day all of our stories will be heard and celebrated, especially those stories that have been repressed and muted over generations.

We believe our world is hurting, and know that many of our dreams are being silenced. In order to change that, we need spaces to share those stories, to impart to others the unique and distinct realities that define us each as individual and valuable citizens in a diverse democracy. 

And that’s exactly what this is: This blog is one of the RRC’s open spaces for talents to be exchanged, gifts to be celebrated, communities to be broadened, and untold stories to be shared.

What are your talents and gifts? How are you looking to get involved with the RRC community? What untold stories, what truths, do you have to tell? Let us know! We want to feature them here. This weekly blog is searching for storytellers and stories. It’s searching for regular contributors and for artists who want to feature their work. It’s searching for community members to build out this space.

In short, it’s searching for you! For your truth. For your untold story.


Email Let us know how you want to be involved. Tell us your untold story.

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