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Lemonade and Tacos

In literal terms, the combination of Lemonade and Tacos doesn't sound so amazing. But in RRC speak, the two together are magical. I promise.

As you may have heard, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Creative Saturday planned for this past weekend had to be rescheduled. (It's now going off this coming Saturday, March 17th at the same venue: Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center. Buy tickets here!). No lie, our crew was pretty bummed at first. Love, time, and a whole lot of practice hours go into the preparation of a Creative Saturday. Pxrris, Jazzo, and Shayla spent a ton of time in the studio, working with SPNDRFT on their craft to prep for the big night. The RRC comms team published post after post across blogs, instagram, and facebook. And the entire RRC community was psyched to come together, tell stories, and make magic. 

The night before the scheduled Creative Saturday, the CLMB team found out we'd have to move the event. 

It could have been cause for the crew to give up on March's CS dream. We could have decided to cancel the month's event. We could have gone our separate ways on Saturday. We could have given up. 

Instead, we made lemonade with life's proverbial lemons. And we made actual tacos. 

Way back in RRC history, before the RRC was a named thing, before Creative Saturdays existed, Taco Nights were born. A community of artists, and entrepreneurs, and dreamers would come together on Friday nights to share stories, a bit of life, and a really great meal of tacos, and chips, and guacamole. Taco Nights were, and still are, an informal gathering filled with music, beautiful conversations, and sometimes dancing. 

They still happen most Friday nights. But they're a little more sporadic, and probably a little more low key. 

However, after Creative Saturday was postponed, what seemed most needed to fill the now empty Saturday evening of the CLMB team members and Creative Saturday featured artists was a chill Taco Night. 

It was a much lower key Saturday than anyone planned for. Yet, it was perfect in its own way: it was an example of how the communities the RRC builds and believes in act as systems of support, not just in times of joy, but in times of disappointment, too. The RRC believes that our community offers opportunities to breaks barriers, share truths, and create community. But we also believe that it exists as a system of support, one that helps members make the best of an unfortunate situation together.

It exists so that even when life gave our community lemons, we still ended up with lemonade. And tacos. 

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Do you want to get more involved with the RRC? We want to know you! And there are many ways to become a member of the collective. Join one of our creative circles that are just getting up and running. Post to the Collective Marketplace. Hit up to learn about being a regular blog contributor. Or email to find out more about being a part of the CRTV team. And of course, join us at Creative Saturday on March 17th at CHACC. Buy tickets here