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Bringing it all together - RRC + TCS

This past week's Creative Saturday was a little different than previous ones. Instead of bringing just the RRC together for a community moment, the event coincided with the monthly Network Gathering at the Creative School (TCS). was a busy day!

I connected with RRC member Current, who shared his thoughts about how the day went:

* * * * * 

Querida - First things first: tell me about a favorite Creative Saturday moment for you? You've been a part of the Collective for a minute...there must be a lot of them!

Current - Actually, the CS just earlier this year in January at Art of Noize. The space was tight, but the energy and crowd interaction made it all worth it. 

Querida - For sure. The vibe that night was awesome! A night that's hard to beat. Which brings me to this past Saturday - it was a bit of a change from other CS's, yeah? The Network Gathering took place on the same day! A lot of RRC members haven't experienced a TCS Network Gathering though. What's that all about? 

Current: Network gathering is a space cultivated by community members and partners of the Creative School (a program at Stanton Elementary in SE DC) to build connections, strengthen relationships, and expand the community. This event went well as the Creative School kings led yoga and bottled more than 200 bottles of Corner Water! They even got to spend some time learning DJ techniques and beat-making from SPNDRFT.  

Querida: The Network Gathering was held in a different location than Creative Saturday last weekend. That transition must have been crazy getting all the people and stuff from one place to the next! But I hear you were able to promote CS during the Network Gathering, and bring a few new people along.

Current: Yeah the transition from Stanton to CHACC was smooth. Both SPN and myself used the Network Gathering to promote Creative Saturday and the other spaces we have, including all the new Circles we have starting up.

Querida - That reminds me of another point: Though the format of CS is always similar, each event looks a little different. March's CS was at a new venue for the RRC - the Congress Heights Arts & Culture (CHACC) - and the night featured some artists who hadn't performed at a CS before - Jazzo and Shayla. What made this Creative Saturday feel unique and special?

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Current - By far the performers! They were phenomenal and really created an ambience that made the setting at CHACC feel intimate.

Querida - Definitely. So the next Creative Saturday will be later this spring. And the RRC core team is always looking to make each CS smoother and sweeter than the last. What did the team take away from this CS that'll make the next ones even more amazing?

Current - Sure, sure. One thing is maximizing the space (CHACC is a great venue that we hope to return to!). And finding new groups or pockets of people to invite! We're always looking to expand the network. 

* * * * *

Check back here to see when the next Creative Saturday gets scheduled. And as Current mentioned, our Creative Circles are getting started. Interested in our Wellness Circle, Music Lover's Circle, or Creative Writing Circle. Hit up the people listed below:

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Music Lover's Circle -

Creative Writing Circle -

For more info on the Creative School -