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Creative Circles

Two AM, with all the lamps flooding down light and Joni Mitchell's album Blue turned up all the way. That's where I find the most creativity when painting. 

Late morning, coffee with cream on the table and encircled by other anonymous coffee-shop go-ers. That's where I find the most creativity when writing. 

In a new place, surrounded by the strange, the exotic, the in-habitual; overwhelmed by new sounds, new sights, new tastes. That's where I draw inspiration.

Or, in a familiar place, surrounded by friends. Sharing untold stories, sitting quietly as each creates separately, or conversing and riffing and dreaming together. That's also where I draw inspiration. 

I channel my creativity from a variety of places and in a variety of settings. Sometimes I crave stillness and silence as I dream. Yet, there are also times when, even if I am creating in silence, it is a comfort to sit and do so among friends. They might be creating silently themselves, or instead hotly debating the 5 albums they'd take with them to a deserted island (My answer? Coloring Book, the Hamilton Mixtape, Blue, Abby Road, and Back to Black [with the B side!]).  

The Red Room Collective exists to foster creativity, to build community, and to share stories. We create spaces where that creativity, that community, and those stories can live and grow and thrive. You might be familiar with some of the spaces the RRC has already established: Creative Saturdays or the Poets+Freestylers group. However, over the next month, we're also starting up a new group of Creative Circles to bring to life even more space for our creative community members to gather. Are you a writer? Come check out the first Writer's Circle meet-up happening at the Potter's House. Interested in yoga and balanced living? We're soon gathering a group of creatives interested in wellness. Or maybe you love talking about the latest greatest album, and hypothesizing what the next great hit will be? Our resident producer SPN just kicked off a new music lovers circle.

Whatever your creative outlet, whatever gets you inspired, come check out one of the RRC's Creative Circles! We want to hear how you get inspired, where you find inspiration. Together, we want to establish more spaces to foster our creative community. Check out any or all of the our Creative Circles getting started! Or, let us know which ones we're missing, and let us support you in getting a new Circle started!

* * * * *

Creative Writer's Circle - First meeting is this Saturday April 7th! (And will continue to be the first Saturday of each month.) Come join Querida and Backtrack at the Potter's House in Adams Morgan. We'll be there from 11am to 1am writing, chatting, and swapping stories. Let us know if you can make it: and

Music Lover's Circle - The first meeting happened this past Friday! But don't worry, SPNDRFT is happy to share how that first meeting went, and to welcome you to the next one in April! Message him at

Wellness and Mindfulness Circle - Meditation and yoga are great ways to tap into creativity in a new way. Message and to get on the list of those interested in this group. Check back soon to find out when the first meeting will take place. 

Poets+Freestylers - Our most established circle, Poets + Freestylers meets each 4th Monday of the month in the Red Room Studio. Message if you want to come through for the first time!

WRK PRTY - Sometimes it's just nice to sit in community when there's too much work to be done! Every Sunday at 3pm come to the Studio with your laptop or your sketchpad to get some work done in community with the RRC. 

* * * * *

See ya there! And in the meantime, #STAYDRMN