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Music Lovers Circle

Even though SPNDRFT has taken off his teacher's hat, his inclination is still to make everyone as comfortable as possible, both physically and mentally. "Hey, hey everyone, time to talk about some music! Welcome to the Music Lover's Circle!" he says, welcoming us into the Red Room Studio, a space that has been cultivated specifically for why we’re all there: to appreciate music and community.

This time, it’s all about producers. On the top of the list for obvious reasons are the more known: Timbaland, Nas, Mura Masa. I mean, who doesn’t love when Mr. Crossan slows the calypso down and adds in some airhorn for Rocky’s lines in “Love$ick”?

An hour goes by before there’s a pause in play. SPNDRFT welcomes some of the newer faces and we break into smaller groups to discuss our love of music – what ensues next is that intimate conversation about what you were raised on, and how it’s shaped your interests and understanding of the music world. Motown? Check. Weird country? Check. Folk? Check. Grunge? Check. 90s R&B? Double check.  

It’s hard to get the group back together as everyone passionately tries to convey to their small groups the love they have for a particular 90s artist:

I mean, when he sings that note, you CANNOT help but feel loss. You can’t argue with that...

Yea, but when you’re driving down that same road, night after night, listening to that song with Mom, there’s no better feeling in the world!...” 

Dude, you gotta check out this artist tho, I’ll put it on the list, try to remember!

Eventually, though, the conversations slow to a point where we’re naturally able to reconvene. And before everyone starts their conversations again, we attempt a group photo.

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It’s a Friday, and some leave while others remain to play their favorite music videos. We close out the night with talk of Lauryn Hill and Drake: “I mean you LOVE Drake, but…”


Music Lovers Circle is a monthly gathering in the Red Room Studio to talk about themes in music that inspire us. Past themes have ranged from Hip-Hop to Producers new and old. Check out our Creative Spaces to attend our next Circle, or find another one that appeals to you. We look forward to seeing you there!